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Weddings & Ceremonies

Weddings & Ceremonies

4-Hour Wedding Bliss:

For a 4-hour wedding service, clients can expect concentrated coverage that encapsulates the most critical moments of their special day. From the intimate exchanges during the ceremony to key reception events, we ensure that the heart and soul of your celebration is beautifully documented. This package is perfect for couples looking for quality over quantity, ensuring the essence of their love story is captured in a limited timeframe.

6-Hour Wedding Journey:

Opting for our 6-hour package offers a more extended window of coverage, allowing for a broader range of moments to be captured. Beyond the ceremony and main reception events, there's room to document the pre-wedding preparations, candid guest interactions, and more detailed portrait sessions. It offers a balanced blend, capturing both the pivotal and the fleeting moments that make your day unique.

8-Hour Wedding Day Narrative:

The 8-hour wedding package is an all-encompassing experience. From the early preparations to the late-night dances, our photographers will be there to capture every emotion, every laugh, and every tear. This extended timeframe allows us to delve deep into the wedding's narrative, ensuring that no stone is left unturned, and every cherished memory is immortalized.

Elopement Special:

Understanding the intimate and spontaneous nature of elopements, we offer a dedicated service tailored for these heartfelt moments. Capturing the raw emotion and pure joy of your private commitment, our photographers are adept at documenting these quick, love-filled decisions. Due to the short-notice nature of elopements, this special package can only be booked 72 hours prior to the ceremony. To secure our commitment to your unique moment, payment must be made in full at the time of booking.

Disclaimer: Pricing for the Elopement Special package will be determined and finalized during our introductory call.

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